The Parish of St. John’s Flinders with St. Mark’s Balnarring is very proud of its two historic and very beautiful churches. The church of St. John the Evangelist was dedicated on 28 January 1892. The church was designed by architect William Barker and was constructed in brick in the Gothic style. On 11 June 1935, major additions to the church were dedicated. St. Mark’s Balnarring was dedicated in 1914. It has a simple and elegant wooden structure and, whilst some alterations have been made to the site (for instance, a new hall), the church itself is largely unchanged. It is a beautiful worship space right in the heart of Balnarring. Both churches regularly hold baptisms, weddings and funerals. St. John’s Flinders also has a peaceful Memorial Garden where the ashes of loved ones are interred. Please contact the Vicar to discuss any of these services.