There are a number of worship opportunities at both St. John’s Flinders and St. Mark’s Balnarring.

Sunday services are 8.30am at St. John’s and 10.30am at St. Mark’s. The liturgy is taken from the Anglican Prayer Book of Australia and the Eucharist is celebrated at both services.

A Eucharist service is held at St. Mark’s at 10am each Thursday, followed by a cuppa or lunch over the road at the Red Hill Bakery.

There are also two new informal services: the first Sunday of the month at St. Mark’s at 4.00pm; and the fourth Sunday of the month at St. John’s. We enjoy pizza, a glass of wine or soft drink, a couple of songs, a chat about a particular theme, and some prayers. This service is designed for people to explore the Christian faith, who God is, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation in a safe, relaxed setting. We meet in the hall, not the church.

Prayer & Meditation services are held at 9am on Tuesday (St. Mark’s) and Wednesday (St. John’s).

St. Mark’s has a beautiful labyrinth under tall pine trees. This is used for quiet meditation and prayer.

Please see the children’s page for information about our children’s ministry.