Here we are on the third Sunday of Easter, and we are still hearing all the different stories of Jesus’ appearances to his disciples after the Resurrection.

This one happened on the night of the first Easter Sunday. Just before it, we hear the story of the disciples who met Jesus on their way to Emmaus. What a journey! If you want to get it all in context, go to Luke’s Gospel, and read all of chapter 24.

So the two who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus got up and went straight back to Jerusalem, and told the others all about what had happened. And the rest of the disciples told them what they had heard from Simon-Peter.

Then suddenly, there was Jesus, with them in the room, and wishes them Peace! They didn’t know what to think! In fact, they thought they were      seeing a ghost.

I guess I might be the same. Here, we have a very powerful part of the story, where Jesus actually invites them to touch his hands and feet, and eats some fish with them, to prove it is really him. There is something about him, which obviously makes it hard for them to recognize him…

But the powerful thing for me, is that he once again opens up the meaning of the Scriptures to them, so that they can see the truth. This is what he did also for the two on the road to Emmaus. There is something about Jesus which allows people to understand more clearly.

If we take nothing else away from our Easter reflections this year, let it be this: that it is Jesus’ death and Resurrection which allows us the freedom to turn to God in repentance for what we have failed to do. The love of God for humanity, is shown so powerfully in Jesus’ willingness to die, in order to give us this assurance of the forgiveness of sins. He identifies with all humanity, and because of his resurrection, we have hope for ourselves.

So, with joy, we can offer this good news to others. We can talk and discuss what we have learned, as these first disciples did.

Blessings to you all this week.                                                   Jennifer

Third Sunday of Easter