During this past week, on Thursday, we celebrated the feast of Saint Andrew.

Andrew was an apostle; one of the first called by Jesus from his trade as a fisherman. He was formerly a follower of John the Baptist. He was the brother of Simon Peter.

Some commentators say that his home was Bethsaida, and others Capernaum. In the Gospels, he is especially remembered for his part in the feeding of the 5,000, and, in John’s Gospel, the occasion when some Greeks wished to see Jesus. (Jn12:20-22).

We don’t really have a lot of authoritative information about Andrew    following those narratives. He is the Patron saint of Scotland, as legend has it that he visited Fife and built a church there.  His relics were “translated” to Scotland in the 8th century. The Scottish flag is his symbol from the 10th century: a white cross saltire (X) on a blue ground, and it forms a part of the Union Flag. Legend tells us that he was crucified on a saltire cross, and preached for two days to the people who were there.

He is also the Patron of Russia and Constantinople.

Stay cool and dry!


St Andrew – Apostle