“Sundays @ 9” is our children’s and family ministry programme.

Would you like your children to learn something of the Christian story in a way that enables the whole family
to continue the conversation at home? “Sundays @ 9” is a
chance to hear some of the wonderful Christian stories
and to take time to question and to wonder…

Join us on either the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month
at 9 a.m. for a story, some music and craft activities
and the chance for some adult conversation over breakfast.

Enquiries  –  Christine – 0412 090 639/  sunningfields62@gmail.com


           JUNE – DECEMBER    2019.


Come and join us at the varied activities over the rest of 2019. The programme is at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Balnarring Road, Balnarring at 9 a.m. “Godly Play” is a wonderful way to learn more of the Christian story. There are craft activities to follow, a great breakfast to share and things for both children and parents to take home to continue exploring the story.

 Please note that these dates do not fall on the same week each month. We have tried to take account of school and public holidays and such days as Father’s Day!


 Sunday 21st July – Jesus stills the storm 

 Do miracles still happen?  What might we learn from a story like this? I wonder how we would feel if we were in a boat in a terrible storm?

Sunday 18th August  –  Jesus heals the boy who was ill 

 Everyone had given up and yet a miracle happened. Are miracles always a bit of a surprise?  I wonder what people learnt from seeing the boy healed?

Sunday  8th September  –  Jesus feeds a crowd! 

 Another miracle!   Could there possible be enough food for 5000 people?  I wonder if it could still happen today when so many people are hungry in the world?



 Sunday  20th October  –    The Ten Commandments

 Thousands of years ago God gave the Jewish people 10 rules by which to live.  I wonder if they are still important for all of us today?

Sunday 17th November  –  The Great Commandment

 Jesus grew knowing how important the ten commandments were. He gave his disciples and us today a shortened version – easy to remember but still difficult to do.  I wonder what the world would be like if we really lived by this commandment?

Sunday 15th December –  “The Journey to Bethlehem”

 As we wait for Christmas we hear the story of Mary and Joseph. I wonder if they really had any idea of what was ahead.


Would you like to be part of a junior school band that meets at various times both at St Mark’s Balnarring and St John’s Flinders.  We play for some family services and also sometimes in family concerts.

Rehearsals are either or as part of our FRIDAY FAMILY  MUSIC AND PIZZA nights. These are on the following dates –

19th July.                                                  11th October

9th August                                                6th   December


ENQUIRIES  –  Contact  Christine on sunningfields62@gmail.com