“SUNDAYS @ 9 “ – DATES FOR 2021

Sundays@ 9”  is the family programme in the parish.  We meet together over breakfast at St Mark’s, Balnarring. The whole family is invited to explore some of the stories that are part of the Christian story and also belong to our heritage.

Our programme is called called “Godly Play” – a creative programme based on the  Montessori method of teaching by enquiry and exploration. We hear a story, share breakfast and the children have various craft activities. We also provide interesting articles for the parents to read.

 TERM 1.   

  • SUNDAY 7th February @ 9.00 am“The Story of Creation”
    As this is our first day back, we thought we would start with
    breakfast so we can catch up on all the news!
    MUFFINS are on the menu – perhaps if you have a family
    favourite recipe you might bring some to share. We’ll have
    some ready to go!
  • TUESDAY 16th February @ home – Pancake Day
  • SUNDAY 7th March @ 9.00 amThe Transfiguration of Jesus
  • SUNDAY 4th April @ 9.00 amEaster Day Service @ St John’s Flinders

A few new ideas – We would welcome some feed-back!

We hope to encourage some of the older children to help lead the telling of the story and also the prayer time in the church.

Explore the possibility of a family sometimes staying for the 10.30 service to share the readings and perhaps lead the prayers.

Older children to help with preparing and serving breakfast.

To have some family services through the year, building on the great Christmas Eve service. We have wondered if 4.30 on Sunday afternoon might work better than a morning time.  (Feedback on the time would be helpful.)

Make use of our wonderful young musicians in the proposed family services. (Rupert and Christine to plan this.) The first family service for the year is planned for Sunday 23rd May – the great feast of Pentecost.

Preparation for participating in the Communion service? Children are most welcome to be part of the Communion service after they have been baptised.

We are looking forward to a year when we, hopefully, can meet regularly. I do hope you can all be involved in the various activities we are planning.

We welcome all families to come and join us at any of these gatherings.

 All enquiries please contact Christine at sunningfields62@gmail.com or ring the parish office on 5989 1159 for further information.