“SUNDAYS @ 9 “ – DATES FOR 2020

Sundays@ 9”  is the family programme in the parish.  We meet together over breakfast at St Mark’s, Balnarring. The whole family is invited to explore some of the stories that are part of the Christian story and also belong to our heritage.

Our programme is called called “Godly Play” – a creative programme based on the  Montessori method of teaching by enquiry and exploration. We hear a story, share breakfast and the children have various craft activities. We also provide interesting articles for the parents to read.

 TERM 1.   “I Wonder  Where That Saying  Came From ?”   Exploring familiar sayings…….

  •  SUNDAY 16th February @ 9.00 am The whole team is wandering in the wilderness at the moment”The story of the Jewish fight from slavery in Egypt and their search for the Promised Land.
  • TUESDAY 25th February @ 5 p.m. – Pancake Day
  • SUNDAY 15th March @ 9.00 am –   “ He has come back just like the prodigal son…”
    The story Jesus told of the how even when we get things wrong God welcomes us back.

TERM 2.     “I Wonder What That  Saying Came From?” continues.

  • SUNDAY 5th April @ 10.30 am –  “Palm Sunday”
    Come and be part of the telling of the story.
  • SUNDAY 12th April @ 10.30 am –  EASTER DAY  @ St John’s Flinders    Family Easter Service and Easter Egg hunt to follow.
  •  SUNDAY 19th April @ 9.00 am –  “So often a “Good Samaritan” comes to help….”
    The famous parable of the “Good Samaritan” that teaches us all that often it is the unexpected person that helps us when we are in trouble.
  • SUNDAY 17th May @ 9.00 am –   “Tonight’s dinner is going to be a “loaves and fishes” meal”
    Jesus tells of the miracle of the  feeding of the 5000.
  • SUNDAY 21st June @ 9.00 am –  “ It was a real David and Goliath battle….”
    The famous story from Jewish scripture of the boy David who took on the “giant” Goliath.

TERM 3.     “Stories for the seasons”

  •  SUNDAY 19th July @ 9.00 am – “The Sower and the Seed”
    The winter is passing and it is time to sow for the Spring growing and the Summer harvest.
  • SUNDAY 16th August @ 9.00 am –   The story of Mary, mother of the Lord.
    What do we know about Mary who, as a young girl, was chosen to be the mother of Jesus?
  • SUNDAY 13th September @ 9.00 am –  “Spring has come”  The Creation Story.
    As Spring has arrived we hear the wonderful description in Jewish scripture  of how  people told stories of how the earth came to be……..  It is part of our story too. 

TERM 4.   The “Sundays @  9” adventure continues.

  •  SATURDAY, 24 and SUNDAY 25th October –  “ SUNDAYS @ 9 “ CAMP
    Watch this space for more information……!!!!!!
  • SUNDAY 15th November @ 9.00 am –  “The Church Seasons”
    It is nearly the beginning of the church’s year  –  Just like the seasons in nature, the colours in the church change too.
  • SUNDAY 6th December @ 9.00 am – St Nicholas Day?
    Do you know who St Nicholas was……?

We welcome all families to come and join us at any of these gatherings.

 All enquiries please contact Christine at sunningfields62@gmail.com or ring the parish office on 5989 1159 for further information.